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About Our K-8 School

Remington is for all learners. Those who are curious, self-starters and collaborative will strive.


Learning Reimagined

The Academy of Innovation at Remington is a learner-centered school, designed around each student’s wants, needs and desires. Traditionally, learning is educator driven. But at Remington, education is learner led.

Teachers serve as facilitators by helping learners find information and ask the bigger questions. Learners dive into realistic content and challenges and share finished work with authentic stakeholders impacted by that work. They are encouraged to take risks, collaborate with their fellow classmates and think creatively. 

Remington is a school of choice 

Remington is the only school in Pattonville serving students in kindergarten through eighth grade under one roof, providing a continuity of learning and familiarity for our students. Anyone living in Pattonville can choose to send their child to Remington at any time, however enrollment is limited to two classrooms per grade level. Enrollment is based on a random student selection drawing (see below for details).

A learner-driver approach to education


Enrollment for the Academy of Innovation at Remington, an innovative K-8 school in Pattonville, is a random student draw system. Parents interested in Remington should enroll in their home school first and then turn in an application for the drawing. 

Complete the application

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Who We Are

Remington Q&A Webinar

What's changing

Remington has incorporated personalized learning school wide since 2018. This approach, which aims to customize learning for each student's strengths, needs, skills and interests, has been highly successful. Through this success comes a unique opportunity for our learners. Remington has embarked on a journey to re-envision how learning looks. Through our School Improvement Team (SIT) and Comprehensive School Improvement Team (CSIP), we have developed a plan that will positively impact our learners for years to come. See chart at right.

Why the name change?

Through the 2023-2024 school year, our name has been Remington Traditional School. Based on committee feedback and the innovative nature of learning occurring here, the notion of Remington as a “traditional school” needed an update. The committee brainstormed options, narrowing it to two to present to the superintendent. Based on committee feedback and preferences, the name the Academy of Innovation at Remington was taken to and approved by the Pattonville Board of Education on Dec. 12, 2023. The committee felt the name honored the history of Remington, while also illustrating the innovative learning happening at the school.

Why Remington?

The K-8 setting at the Academy of Innovation at Remington provides a unique advantage for the learner-led education model as it encompasses nine years of learning in one location. This extended time frame allows for continuity and deep-rooted familiarity among students, teachers and the learning environment. Over the course of nine years, students can develop a strong sense of ownership over their education, unconstrained by the disruptions of transitioning between elementary and middle school. The consistent approach to personalized learning throughout these formative years fosters a sense of community and collaboration. 

Prop S work

As part of Prop S, Pattonville’s $111 million no-tax-rate-increase bond issue approved by voters in April 2022, Remington will make building improvements that will create a learning environment that matches this student-led learning model. Updates to Remington are in phase three of the Prop S construction timeline. Remington’s School Improvement Team (SIP) and Future of Remington committee are already discussing potential changes. Design work is expected to begin in 2025, with construction being complete in 2027. 

Learn more about The Academy of Innovation at Remington

Remington timeline graphic for the 2023-2024 school year
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Our Design Process

What is Design Thinking?

  • A human-centered, flexible framework

  • Learner-led, iterative process that encourages risk-taking, collaboration and creativity

  • Guides innovative solutions to difficult problems

  • Includes elements of research and ideation

  • Learners dive into realistic content and share finished work to authentic audience

  • Used in every-day life, including the arts, engineering, corporate world, social/civic spaces and schools/universities

What is the Launch Cycle?

The Launch Cycle consists of phases that each lead to the next phase in the acronym LAUNCH: Look, listen and learn; ask tons of questions; understand the process or problem; navigate ideas; create a prototype; and launch to an audience.

Remington Launch Cycle graphic



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Two Remington students looking over a worksheet together
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