Remington Traditional School

Our Mission: Learning to lead.

About Us: Remington Traditional School is a K-8 school that prides itself on relationships. We are constantly searching for new ways to build connections with students, parents and our surrounding communities as a way to lead all our students to proficient or advanced learning. Our partnerships continue to yield positive and lasting results. By the 2012-2013 school year, 100 percent of our students of middle school age will be connected with an activity outside the school day. At Remington, we provide a comprehensive academic program with a strong emphasis on reading and writing throughout the curriculum. Our focus is to develop the whole child to reach his or her personal best. Each student’s progress is monitored and instruction is adjusted through open communication. Our school family is an exemplary model of citizenship through community service, responsibility, and caring relationships. Enrollment is open to any resident child in the Pattonville School District by use of a lottery system.