Drummond first-graders spearhead project to help their school
Drummond first-graders spearhead project to help their school
Thursday, November 30, 2017
Drummond Elementary School first-graders took a lesson on community and citizenship and decided to do something for their very own school community by organizing a food drive.

“They brainstormed, shared ideas, voted and decided to host a food drive,” said first-grade teacher Nicole Dye. "They wrote letters to their families, friends and neighbors asking to contribute to our food drive.”

The class collected more than 80 items to donate to Dorsett Village Church’s backpack program, which supports a backpack program for their own school, providing food and snacks for students in need on the weekends. 

"I personally think for first-graders who hosted this completely on their own, they did a great job!” Dye said.

After the collection was complete and before the food was picked up, Dye used the donated items to reinforce other areas of learning. Students tallied and sorted the donations based on different criteria and also wrote thank you letters to those who supported the project.