Bridgeway, Rose Acres and Willow Brook participate in Safety Day
Bridgeway, Rose Acres and Willow Brook participate in Safety Day
Monday, October 30, 2017
Fourth-graders from Bridgeway, Rose Acres and Willow Brook elementary schools took part in safety training through the annual Safety Day organized and sponsored by Bunge North America on Oct. 20. Held at Rose Acres, the program was a full-day event designed for students to learn safety and health lessons they can use every day while at home or school and in the community.

Students participated in interactive activities designed to reinforce the importance of taking responsibility for their own safety. Demonstrations included safety activities related to bicycling, chemicals, electricity, fire, home, stranger danger and water/sun. Chris Higgins, a meteorologist with Fox 2 news, offered a presentation on weather safety.

To kick off the event, the students participated in a presentation by youth motivational speaker Corey Jones, who shared an entertaining and engaging message focused on positive character and anti-bullying. Students left at the end of the day with a bike helmet, whistles, UV bracelets and new knowledge about being safe in a variety of situations.

Dozens of volunteers from sponsor Bunge North America, an agribusiness and food-processing corporation, were on hand to assist the students during Safety Day. Pattonville’s school-business partnership office worked with the schools, Bunge and its co-sponsors to arrange the day.  

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Workers from Ameren taught students about electrical safety.