Pattonville students perform above state average
Pattonville students perform above state average
Monday, October 30, 2017
An evaluation of Pattonville’s curriculum and instruction program shows student achievement results are above state average in all content areas. In addition, when comparing Pattonville’s assessment results to the state average, Pattonville’s scores in English language arts and science are at historic levels (the largest gap on record between Pattonville’s performance and the state).

Each year, the Pattonville Board of Education reviews an evaluation of the district’s curriculum and instruction program, which drives learning at all grade levels in Pattonville. This year’s report shows district-wide student achievement results in English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies are above state averages. In addition, "super subgroup" performance exceeds state averages by a large margin in all areas. The super subgroup is defined by the state of Missouri as including the following student groups: African-American/black, Hispanic, English language learners, students with disabilities and students eligible for free/reduced-price school lunch. 

Preliminary data on Pattonville’s Annual Performance Report (APR) indicate improvement in the areas of college and career readiness and graduation rate, with the district’s four-year graduation rate being at its highest level since the state began calculating it seven years ago. The state APRs will be released in November and are part of Missouri's school accreditation system, which is known as the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP). The APRs measure how well public school districts are performing in five areas: academic achievement, subgroup achievement, college and career readiness, attendance rate and graduation rate. 

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