Grant-funded pedal desk provides student seating options
Grant-funded pedal desk provides student seating options
Monday, October 30, 2017
Several teachers in Pattonville use flexible classroom seating options to give students a choice about the type of seating that works best for them and allows for movement to enhance their concentration. Pattonville Heights Middle School math teacher Wendy Mathis went a step further by providing students with pedal desks, thanks to a grant from the Pattonville Education Foundation (PEF).

Mathis used the grant funds to purchase two desks with bike pedals. One desk is in her room and another she to a fellow math teacher to use. Mathis also has a standing desk that provides an additional seating option for students.

"We actually have to have a sign-up in my room to make sure that all students who wish to use the bike desk and standing desk get the opportunity," Mathis said. "I could literally have five more of each of these desks, because the students are so enthusiastic about using them. It has given my active students an outlet for their energy in the classroom."

Mathis added, "I am so happy that I have alternative seating in my classroom and I can truly advocate for other teachers trying alternative seating in their own classrooms as a solution to that student who just 'needs a break.' This has been a very successful tool for student engagement and learning."

The PEF has awarded more than $250,000 in grants since it was established in 1994. The foundation is dedicated to serving Pattonville children and the Pattonville school community by providing funding to support innovative educational programs that benefit students in Pattonville schools. Major fund-raisers as well as gifts from individuals, corporations and businesses provide the financial support for the foundation's work.


Students use a pedal desk (foreground) and standing desk in Wendy Mathis' class at Pattonville Heights Middle School.