Holman inventors present at Innovation Showcase
Holman inventors present at Innovation Showcase
Thursday, October 26, 2017
Holman Middle School hosted an after-school Innovation Showcase to highlight the work eighth-graders completed during a project-based learning unit that involved inventing, designing and marketing a product that benefits society.

As part of the Innovators unit in their English language arts class, students worked in small groups to develop a proposal for an innovative new product. They followed a design process to develop, refine and market their idea to others. They learned designing a product is a cyclical process that involves various stages of development and sometimes requires redesigning and refining their idea before moving on.

After two weeks of working on the project, students' projects were assessed using a rubric, and finalists groups were chosen from each class to present their ideas at the Oct. 19 Innovation Showcase after school in the library. They presented to a panel that included Dr. Mike Fulton, Pattonville superintendent, Dr. Tim Pecoraro, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, Dr. Sarah Moran, Holman principal, Laura Coggins, a designer and art director, and Holman alumnus and Pattonville High School freshman Grace Ohlsen.

After all the presentations were complete, the panel chose the team of Akyla Baynes, Ashley Bly and Adrian Evans as the winners of the showcase. The students dreamed up a concept for an app called "Education Motivation" that could help students stay on track with their daily routine, diet and weight, school work and even the college application process. Their goal with the app is for students to stay organized and be rewarded for consistency with their organizational skills.

The students' teachers are Maegan Bowersox and Jessica Smith.

The winning team is shown with teacher Maegan Bowersox.